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Category: Family Dentistry

Caring for Your Children’s Teeth

There are so many questions about the best way to care for your children’s teeth, how long should you take care of them, what happens when wisdom teeth come in, use fluoride or don’t use fluoride? And if you are…

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Custom Mouthguards – Your Best Choice

Sports are a part of many of your children’s lives and we are not far from school starting back in August. We want to help you protect your children’s teeth as they begin their fall sports. An injury to your…

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School Athletics In Full Gear

For the month of July we want to focus on the importance of mouthguards for school athletics and what is available for your children. Some schools have already begun their practicing (especially football), if not they will begin in the…

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Babies: Caring for Gums & Teeth

Congratulations on the newest member of your family!  We know it is very busy in your home now and a lot to think about with a new little one, so we narrowed down some of the most important tips to…

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