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What’s a Post?

You’re probably thinking a post... I’m pretty sure I know what a post is. A wood post, a metal post, even a blog post! But that’s not the kind were talking about. A dental post is very small, but also…

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Saving Four Teeth

Recently our dentists at Mint Hill Dentistry saved four teeth on this individuals upper right side of their mouth. Without this work it would have been impossible for them to chew on that side! The best solution to fix this…

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Healing an Infection

Have you ever been told that you need to have a root canal? We’re sure when you hear that it doesn’t sound all that pleasant of an experience. But, we’ll show you a particular case where a patient had a…

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Losing Your Front Two Teeth

It’s one of your worst nightmares... your front two teeth are loose and need to come out. What do you do? Will you be able to smile? We’ll show how implants SAVED this persons smile. The front teeth were loose…

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Sedation Dentistry for Dental Work

Do dental procedures terrify you? You’re not alone... but you don’t have to be afraid! We have an example for you of a very fearful individual who had a root canal, filling, dental crown and a deep cleaning all in…

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