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Tag: Digital X-rays

What is an Implant Abutment?

You’ve probably heard us mention an implant abutment in previous blog posts and may have been wondering what exactly that is and why it is important. In this case we will show you what an abutment is and why it…

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Change Your Smile with Dental Implants

This specific case will show you how an individual we helped went from having badly decayed and unaesthetic teeth to having a restored functional and esthetic smile. They were missing three teeth on the upper right side of their mouth…

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Losing Your Front Tooth

We are going to feature a case about an individual that needed to have their front tooth extracted. They were able to replace it immediately with a dental implant at Mint Hill Dentistry. In this particular situation the front tooth…

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Root Canal 101

Do you dread hearing the words "root canal", but you’re not sure why? For some reason the term can strike a moment of fear even in the bravest of individuals. We’re here to tell you... Fear Not!! This particular case…

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Saving a Tooth from Internal Resorption

We have featured a case before where a tooth needed to be extracted because of resorption and replaced with an implant. Whenever possible, we always prefer to save the tooth if at all possible! This particular case will show you…

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