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Category: Before and After

What is a root canal?

We’re continuing our blog posts learning about various dental procedures with a root canal. Many people hear the word ‘root canal’ and immediately get a little nervous. But, sometimes it is necessary as it was in this person. Diagnosing an…

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What Does a Cavity Look Like?

We shared some photos last year showing what a cavity looks like and received some great feedback. It also seems to be a question everyone is asked when your at the dentist or when you tell someone you’ve had your…

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What’s a Post?

You’re probably thinking a post... I’m pretty sure I know what a post is. A wood post, a metal post, even a blog post! But that’s not the kind were talking about. A dental post is very small, but also…

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Losing Your Front Two Teeth

It’s one of your worst nightmares... your front two teeth are loose and need to come out. What do you do? Will you be able to smile? We’ll show how implants SAVED this persons smile. The front teeth were loose…

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What Does A Cavity Look Like?

Ever wonder what a cavity really looks like in your tooth? Did you know down in the grooves of the biting surface of the tooth is the number one most common place to get tooth decay? We have an example…

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